Whether it was a small theft, or a terrifying instance of armed robbery, when a crime has been committed in your neighborhood it can be quite jolting. You may not have thought it could happen near your home. You feel terrible thinking, “I’m so glad it wasn’t me”, but that doesn’t stop you from doing so. You may find yourself thinking that you’ve been a bit more lax with security measures than you would have if you had known you might be robbed.

And now, you wonder “how do I change my habits to make sure it doesn’t happen to me?”

Here are 8 great tips we have put together here at SkyCover to get started:

1. Learn more about the current state of crime in your community

If you’re like us, you’re already doing this on a regular basis; especially upon hearing of a neighbor’s recent break-in. It’s important to know if changes are happening to your neighborhood so you know what type of security efforts you might need.

  • Are there any recent surges in drug use?
  • How many violent crimes have been committed in the area?
  • Have robberies gone up recently?

2. Create safe paths to your house

Get to know the areas around your home that are very well-lit, very public, or near public officials. Keep these in mind when choosing parking spaces or walking alone; especially after the sun goes down.

3. Clear landscaping that could create a hiding spot

If your landscape design choices around your home involve large bushes or hedges, these could potentially become hiding spots for robbers when fleeing from the police, or when attempting to get into your house. Keep all windows clear of hiding spots near them, and if you do have a large group of shrubs, make sure there is a clearing between it and your house.

4. Reinforce unreliable locks

Does your home have a front door lock that could be jammed open easily, or a window with a crack in it that you have yet to get fixed? Now’s the time to either reinforce them or to get them replaced. This will not only give potential burglars the perception of a more difficult job, but it will take a longer time for a break-in, if it does happen, increasing the likelihood of them getting caught. You can also add and install a Glass Break Sensor to your Home Security System to alert you if indeed someone is entering your home.

5. Create a routine of better security habits

Do you have the tendency to leave the front door unlocked for a quick trip to the corner store, or tend to park your car in the darker part of the parking lot? Start to replace these habits and routines with more secure habits and routines.

  • Make sure all of your easily accessed windows are locked-up tight when no one is home and in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area when at all possible.
  • Make sure any valuables aren’t in immediate sight from your front windows.

6. Ask a police officer to complete a security survey

Depending on your community, some police forces will provide free security surveys of your house. This is a great opportunity to get insight from those who know the crime level of your specific community very well.

7. Get a security professional involved

The best way to truly prevent an attack on your house is to get professional security coverage. If you are serious about keeping your family safe from a threat, the best option is going to involve an alarmed system with complete monitoring. Most of the time, the alarm will send a burglar running; it is the act of making your home an easy target that attracted them, and once they know yours is equipped with a security system, they are unlikely to return. Skycover is a great option for affordability and the convenience of mobile, interactive control.

8. Help out your neighbor

If they were indeed robbed, these last couple of days have been horrible ones. Bring them over some food, send over a nice card, or offer a place to come over and chat when they feel unsafe. Now, this may not seem like a direct security tip, but providing Peace of Mind can make a surprising difference. Communities that have a tight bond often see lower instances of crime. Creating a community you care about can lead to taking better care of community appearances and reporting crimes for others when they do happen. As people perceive this lessened possibility of crime due to a better community, more people come there, which in turn lessens crime.

It’s scary to have your perception of safety shattered. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have control over the situation. Make sure, however, that you are the one who has the advantage by making it as difficult as possible for your house to be a target.

Take action on the safety of your family and your home with these steps, and by also securing you home with a Security System like SkyCover offers.

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