The Situation:

Modernity has brought with it convenience, but it has also included the sacrifice of an incredibly cut-throat work schedule. It is now pretty common in our society for both of the parents in a household to work in order to make ends meet.

The Problem:

A rising number of unsupervised kids at home (12 years old and younger) are being forced to fend for themselves when their parents are at work. These kids are called latchkey children.

Often these kids walk home after school, or extracurricular activities, alone and are left to entertain themselves until one of the parents get home from work. This is often met with a lot of guilt from parents, who often simply don’t see another option.

The Solution:

The good news is that something can be done to make the experience safe and even rewarding for all parties involved. Because of the advancements of technology, there are a myriad of home security systems/applications designed to protect kids when their parents are not at home.

We here at SkyCover have gathered a list of some ways that you can have a better Peace of Mind while you are away and your children are at home.

Prepare Them In Case Of An Emergency

When you can’t be there, it’s good to know that your kids can have your advice and plans at the ready for when an accident occurs. Especially with the basic accidents, which are the most likely to occur, you should have a number to call, a safe word, and a place that you can meet with them. For instance, if you have a friend coming over to drop some things off and check in on the kids, it might help for you to create a password that the kids can ask for if they don’t feel comfortable letting someone they don’t know well into your home.

Computer & Television Monitoring

Since you’re not at home to personally monitor your children’s internet and TV viewing habits, it’s important to control the kind of websites they visit or type of TV shows they watch. You can do so by doing a couple of things. First, set up the ‘Parental Controls’ feature in your Operating System so that you can restrict web pages/sites, control access to games and block specific applications among other things that are inappropriate for your kids. Secondly, be familiar with several TV ‘Parental Control’ features available these days as they allow you to block or censor certain TV programs and channels based on the rating level you selected. This way, your kids can’t just watch any show that they want.

Schedule Check-ins

Pick a time during the day and always call them then, perhaps the time when they normally arrive home. Or, ask your child to check in with you each time they go somewhere after school, say a friend’s house, and check in again when they arrive home. Apps like Kidcheck allow you to monitor your child’s GPS location in any moment, and set up check-ins that alert you if they go unresponded.

Mobile Access to Security Systems

With mobile access to your Home Security System, you are able to monitor your children’s activity at home wherever, whenever you may be. You’ll get updates every now and then and even receive notifications in case of emergency through emails, personal text messages or phone notifications. You can also control the lighting of your home to deter would-be intruders with just a few clicks. And best of all, the footage from the security system’s cameras can be viewed live through the app. It’s like having an online nanny that tells you everything you need to know minus the unwanted drama.

Automated Door Locks

These locks only require a code to be opened and unlike keys, they don’t get misplaced or worse, lost. Your kids just need to punch in their code or you can use your smartphone remotely to open the door. Once your children get inside the house, you’ll receive a notification and when they’re late, you’ll be notified as well. Automated Door Locks are very convenient and quite handy. They give you a feeling as if you’re there when your kids get home.

Create A Schedule For Them

A large majority of the accidents that happen in the home are caused by boredom. Create a schedule of activities for your child to adhere to while they are home alone; perhaps crafts or a hobby they enjoy. Or encourage them to do homework at this time. A schedule is also a big help in cutting down TV time.

Preparing snacks in the morning, for when they get home, is an easy way to prevent kitchen disasters. Hunger caused by boredom makes them creep into the kitchen. Not to mention, this gives you a little more control over what they eat, and you can prevent them from going right to the chips or candy when you aren’t there.

Following these simple steps, especially purchasing and remotely monitoring your children with a Home Security System, will help give you a better peace of mind when you have a late night at the office.

It will also give your children a sense of freedom and responsibility; which will help them develop into a better, safer member of society.

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