Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when the air begins to chill, leaves crunch underneath your feet, and ghost and goblins take to the streets. Whether Halloween is this week, or sometime in the future, it is always a good idea to start thinking about safe trick-or-treating with your children. You most likely do not remember all the safety measures your parents put in place for you; you were probably more focused on candy and playing dress-up. Now it’s time to make sure those same measures are in place for your kids.

SkyCover has gathered 4 Trick-or-Treat tips to give you a better Peace of Mind this Halloween.

1. Be Present Parents and Work in Teams

All Trick-or-Treaters must be accompanied by an adult. It does not have to be you, but if your children are going out on Halloween, make sure that an adult chaperone is in the plan. An older child simply is not good enough. Adults will help kids out in scary situations, and ensure that no matter what, the children are safe. Adults also can handle multiple kids, which when tasked by a teenager does not always work out.

If your children are at the age to be out on their own, please make sure they are going Trick-or-Treating in a group. There is always safety in numbers and teenagers can always help each other out if a problem arises.

parents should be involved with Halloween

2. Plan Your Route

No matter if you are heading the candy expedition or another parent is in charge, make sure to map out your route ahead of time. Start planning weeks ahead, if possible, some houses begin spookifing their homes in the beginning of October.

Having a route in place means that you will be able to designate a meeting point in case anyone gets lost, and cut down on serious Halloween frights.

3. Know the Halloween Codes

Halloween, for most people, is something they look forward to each and every year. Some people, however, are the Halloween equivalent of a Humbug. Luckily, Halloween has a built in code to indicate this. Is the house’s porch light on? Proceed. Porch light off? Move on.

Also, graciously refuse any entry into any homes. While it may seem safe, there really isn’t any reason you or your children should be entering a home. If it is a Haunted House or Halloween themed display, then make sure you go with your child, it will give you a better peace of mind.

4. Don’t Hide Behind Masks

The highlight of Halloween is getting all dressed up and pretending to be someone, or something, else. When discussing what your children are going to be for Halloween, try to get your kids to choose face paint over masks.

There are a lot of dangers that can come of kids wearing masks. A child’s ability to see can be hindered, which can lead to a disastrous fall or losing sight of the group. You can spot facepaint much more easily at night and the painting is a one-of-a-kind production; you won’t thing another kid is yours with a similar mask. An exposed face can also give you a heads up if your child is frightened, tired, or not having a good time.

Limit the Tricks and maximize the treats this Halloween. By putting these tips into practice, you and your little ghosts and goblins will have a much safer Halloween; and a better Peace of Mind.

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