It is perfectly natural to worry about things.

We all do it, but are our worries justified? On average 90% of all things that are feared are considered to be insignificant issues. The safety and security of your home, however, is one worry that should not be taken lightly.

The tips below will make your home much more secure, and will give you a better peace of mind.

Live in a good community

Where you live can vastly affect the safety and the security of your home. When you are thinking about moving to a new location, it is best to do some research. Check the crime rates in the area to make sure the prospective location is safe. You definitely do not want to buy in an area that is known for a high number of burglaries and break-ins.

Living in a good well-rounded community, in which people and neighbors communicate with one another and discuss their problems, will help too. All States and counties each have their own areas that can be cohesive; look to what they have to offer and choose wisely. Once you move in, you could think about setting up a neighborhood watch group to keep the whole community more secure.


Keep track of your keys

If your home gets burglarized and the burglar enters your home with spare keys that you lost, you may not be able to claim the insurance money that you are due. Keeping your spare keys in a safe and secure location is very important to ensure a safe and secure home. While it is never your intention, losing your keys will create huge problems. You should leave your spares with a family member, or neighbor, or hide them somewhere secure in your home.

Storing your day-to-day, normal keys in a safe location is just as important. If you leave them near your front door, then some burglars can try to reach them with a wire through your mailbox. One great solution is to keep your keys by your bed at night. In the event of a fire, your keys will be right by your side with easy access.


Strengthen Your Doors

In most cases, burglaries involve perpetrators using force to get into the home. Most often this is done by kicking through the front door. Savvy burglars know how to spot a door that is old and damaged.

The old and damaged doors are the easiest to break through. Go through your house and check all doors, not just the front door, to see if they are strong enough.

If replacing the whole door seems like a bit much, you should consider replacing the hinges. If they are starting to rust a little, now is the time to make a change.

By replacing the hinges with newer, stronger hinges, you will make it a lot harder for anyone to kick the door off its hinges. Think about adding extra locks to the front door, as well to ensure your safety.


Install a security system

Burglars, by nature, are lazy individuals. They are looking for an easy way to make money and homes without security systems are a lot easier to burgle than ones with. Home security systems, like the ones offered by SkyCover, are great deterrents. The sign in the yard or in the window alone, stating that your home is being monitored, will dramatically increase both the safety and security of your home. Add to that the ability to monitor your home from your PC, phone, or laptop from anywhere in the world and now you have complete peace of mind.

Home security is not the only type of monitoring you should have though. Smoke alarms are just as important, home fires are just as big a threat to your safety as break-ins are. If you haven’t got a couple of smoke alarms in your home, you need to install them. With SkyCover’s home automation capabilities, you can monitor your home for fires, set interior light timers, stream live color video via cameras, and control your thermostat- all from your phone.

Tips are just tips until they are implemented, take these steps to help ensure that your home is safer and more secure.


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