Whats included

  • 1 x Color Simon XTi touchscreen.
  • 1 x motion detector.
  • 3 x door/window sensors.
  • 1 x lamp/appliance module.
  • 1 x yard sign.
  • Security decals.
  • SMARTLink phone app.
  • Peace of mind.

Be in control of your home from anywhere.


Arm, disarm, adjust temperature, check visitor activity and a host of home automation features included.


100% Wireless system

Forget drilling and putting holes in walls! Place your wireless sensors at entry points for immediate protection. Magnetic technology seals every window and door in your home. Those nasty burglars have nightmares about our wireless systems.

Motion activated texts

You can set up your system so whenever an alarm is triggered you’re notified through your smartphone app. You can also track family members and visitors or someone who is in an area that’s restricted.

Smash proof technology

Even if the bad guys damage or destroy your control panel, it will still alert your alarm monitoring center who will send help straight away.
“Smash it up Mr Burglar – the cops are still coming!”

Advanced home automation

Utilize SmartLink’s Scene capability to automate your home and trigger certain devices at a specified time or based on the status of another sensor or device. For example, you could set your doors to lock automatically when arming your system before heading to bed at the end of the day.

Remote control temperature

Remotely control and monitor temperature settings at home. Create temperature schedules to automatically change settings to match your daily or weekly routine. Establish max and min temperatures to prevent extreme fluctuations while on vacation. Pretty cool eh? (No pun intended…well maybe just a bit).


SMART Control Package Includes:

24/7 alarm monitoring by UL listed, state of the art monitoring center. Fast response if your alarm is activated.

We’ll call the police or relevant authorities to your home if your alarm is triggered. State of the art alarm equipment is included.

Excellent protection against every threat faced by your home. Other features of the SMART control security package are shown here:

24-7-security-monitoring-icon24/7 security monitoring by top rated monitoring center. home-security-yes-icon
fast-response-alarmFast response to alarm activations. home-security-yes-icon
free-first-month-monitoringNo cost for equipment. No hidden charges. home-security-yes-icon
free-security-equipmentOver $700 worth of equipment included no cost. home-security-yes-icon
30-day-icon30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. home-security-yes-icon
highest-rated-security-monitoringHighest quality equipment available on the market. home-security-yes-icon
top-rated-home-securityTop rated full home security solution year after year. home-security-yes-icon
unique-home-security-package-iconUnique home security package, unavailable anywhere else. home-security-yes-icon
low-price-alarm-monitoring-iconCompetitive low price on month-to-month alarm monitoring. home-security-yes-icon
home-owner-insurance-discount-iconGet discounts on your homeowners insurance. home-security-yes-icon
alarm-monitoring-iconMonth-to-month alarm monitoring available. home-security-yes-icon
contact-option-iconNo long-term contract option necessary. home-security-yes-icon
life-safety-iconLife Safety & Wellness Supervision. home-security-yes-icon
DIY-guided-installNo installation fees – DIY with guided install. home-security-yes-icon
indoor-outdoor-cameraIndoor and outdoor cameras available. home-security-yes-icon
door-window-pet-friendly-motion-detectors-iconDoor/window sensors and pet-friendly motion detectors. home-security-yes-icon
home-security-for-familyPeace of mind for you and your family. home-security-yes-icon
simon-xti-panelState-of-the-art alarm equipment inc. the Simon Xti panel. home-security-yes-icon
wireless-system-with-cellular-communication100% wireless system with cellular communication. home-security-yes-icon
smart-link-mobile-appControl your home with free SmartLink mobile app. home-security-yes-icon
protection-from-intrusionProtection from intrusion home-security-yes-icon
fire-and-environment-protectionFire and Environmental Protection. home-security-yes-icon
email-text-alert-iconEmail and text alerts. home-security-yes-icon
remote-access-controlRemote Access Control. home-security-yes-icon
smash-proof-technologySmashProof Technology. home-security-yes-icon
system-discounts-iconSystem discounts. home-security-yes-icon
child-latched-key-alert-iconChild latch-key alerts. home-security-yes-icon
light-switches-remote-control-iconLight switches remote control. home-security-yes-icon
remote-control-iconLamps remote control. home-security-yes-icon
remote-control-iconSmall appliance remote control. home-security-yes-icon
indoor-outdoor-cameraRemote live view video. home-security-no-icon
HD-with-built-in-night-vision-iconHD with built-in night vision. home-security-no-icon
remote-control-door-locks-iconRemote control door locks. home-security-no-icon
energy-savings-thermostat-control-iconEnergy savings thermostat control. home-security-no-icon

Try the SkyCover 100% satisfaction guarantee in your own home.


30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked


100% satisfaction guaranteed with SkyCover


3 year product warranty on all your equipment

Take any of the SkyCover SMART packages for a test drive in your own home, including your first month of monitoring with our money back guarantee. Once you have your system we’ll be in touch to help you through a guided install and to see if you have any questions or would like to add any extra sensors – that sort of thing.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your new home security alarm system then you’ll have 30 days to return it for a full refund.


Worried about

There’s no need to be.

Your system will arrive as Plug & Play. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Plug in control keypad, peel & stick sensors on doors and windows & call us for activation.


Complete control from
anywhere in the world.

With your free Smartphone app.

Click the button and take control of your home security & automation with our app for iPhone, Android & Windows.

start using the smartphone app

Long term contracts
not for you?

No annual contracts.

The SkyCover alarm monitoring service is month to month. You can start, stop, or change your plans anytime! :)


* All SMART Plans require customer agree to a 36-month term agreement at the rate quoted unless customer chooses a No Long-Term Contract option. Must be a homeowner and subscribe to easy auto pay plan. Based on customer credit approval. All no Long-Term Contract Option plans require customer to purchase equipment and agree to a month-to-month agreement that may be cancelled at any time with 30-day notice. All Equipment Packages and Plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.
Call for details.

What are people saying about the SMART Control package from SkyCover?

“I’m enjoying the ability to fully customize all my lighting, appliances, and security settings from work, the
store – anywhere really. With all the traveling I do, I must admit it’s a good feeling to know my home is safe and secure!”
George M. - Pompano Beach, FL
“I’m a single woman and work every day then come home alone …This system is exactly what I was looking for … I use my phone to turn a light on and check that my house is safe. I love it.”
Annabel M. Rochester NY
“I have been looking for a system that won’t break the bank and is easy to setup … This was a very easy process and the staff is so nice. I’m as happy as can be so far, top notch!”
Russell J. Buffalo NY
“The system has given me the ability to fully customize all my lighting, appliances, and security settings from work, the store – anywhere really. It’s a good feeling to know my home is safe and secure!”
Julia M. Newport Beach CA
“Exactly what I was looking for when I started my research into security systems … SkyCover seemed up-front and honest to me. I am very happy with my choice and would recommend them without hesitation.”
Saba J. Cedar City UT