Like a thief in the night, disaster happens when you least expect it.

Whether it is natural or man-made, the outcome is usually disastrous—no pun intended—especially when you and you’re family are not prepared. It’s important to be a step ahead of the game; to be prepared for the inevitable. That’s why, it’s highly critical to create an emergency action plan for your family should these tragic events occur.


There’s been an increase in severity and frequency of extreme weather events as of late; due in part to climate change. Whether we like to admit it or not, floods have become a common occurrence because of this.

The best possible way to prepare for a flood is to be informed.

  • Contact a local geologist in your area, or head to your local library, and find out if your house is located in a flood-prone area.
  • Familiarize yourself with your community’s evacuation routes and shelters as well as warning signals among other things.
  • Create an emergency plan and practice them with your family.

Learn and teach your family basic first aid. And lastly, take note of the contact information of your family members and emergency phone numbers.

Adding a water sensor to your Home Security System can help protect you from expensive water damage by alerting you of a water leak.


It is perhaps one of nature’s most destructive forces. The difficult thing about earthquake is that you’ll never know when and where it will strike. The only way that we can mitigate its effect is to prepare ourselves and our infrastructure for it.

  • Contact local authorities (e.g. Geological Department, Red Cross etc.) and ask for earthquake preparedness and historical information within your area.
  • Find out whether you are at risk from earthquakes and if you are, create an emergency preparedness plan for your family.
  • Identify the safest and sturdiest place in your house and inform your family members that it is where you should go should an earthquake occur.
  • Practice ‘drop, cover, and hold-on’. (Drop to the floor, take cover under a sturdy furniture and then hold on until the shaking subsides)

Know more about earthquakes, keep your knowledge current and discuss it with your family. Look for possible hazards in your home and fix them. And last but not the least, prepare emergency kit/supplies and place them in a prominent location.


Most fire related injuries and deaths happen when people panic so when dealing with fires, proper preparation is always the key.

  • Install a Wireless Smoke Alarm which provides complete peace of mind against the destructive threat of fire.
  • As always, create an escape plan.
  • Secure a floor plan of your home and take note of the possible exit routes like doors and windows.
  • Design a fire drill that you and your family can easily perform and practice them at least twice a year.
  • Have a designated meeting place outside of your house.

Once you get out, the important thing is to know whether or not someone is still trapped inside so that you can inform the fire department. Have fire extinguishers ready and get hold of all emergency numbers.

When dealing with fire, every second counts so your split-second reaction to it will mean the difference between life and death. Plan, familiarize and practice your escape plan to increase your chances of survival.

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