• Sky-Cover-Wireless-Smoke-Alarm-GE-TX-6010-01-1

Wireless Smoke Alarm

GE TX-6010-01-1


  • Operates on long-lasting 3V lithium battery
  • Features a simple-to-use “Learn mode” to make programming easy
  • Low battery alert sent to control panel
  • Replaceable optical chamber
  • Integral heat detection
  • Loud integrated siren rated at 85dB
  • Retail Price $ 79.99

Product Description

The SkyCover wireless smoke alarm is reliable, self-diagnostic smoke alarm for true home safety. Featuring a 319.5MHz crystal transmitter, built-in alarm, low battery alert and integrated heat sensors this sensor provides complete peace of mind against the destructive threat of fire.

Designed to continually monitor function and provide visual alerts if the sensors lose sensitivity or otherwise fail internal diagnostics, you’ll know your home is always protected, Alarm sensitivity level can be determined. With a built-in drift compensation, the sensors adjust for dust build-up, allowing more time to pass between cleaning and significantly reducing the chance of false alarms.

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