• home Security alarm window sensor

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector

GE 60-807-95R


  • 35 x 40 foot coverage area
  • Cover-activated tamper alert
  • Signals control panel every 64 minutes to confirm functionality
  • Provides low battery reports to control panel
  • Field-selectable sensitivity options (standard setting required for pet applications)
  • Retail Price: $69.99

Product Description

The SkyCover wireless motion sensor detects movement within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy emitted from a body as it moves across the sensor’s field of view. When this motion is detected, the sensor transmits a signal to the control panel. The pet immune motion sensor can be used to help secure the home where sensors are impractical or not needed. Ideal for large areas or homes using an open floor plan.

Utilizes advanced signal processing, a new specially-designed lens, and sensing element, the motion sensor will provides false alarm immunity for pets with weighing up to 40 pounds while still providing capable of detecting human movement.

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