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Micro Door Window Sensor

GE TX-1012-01-1


  • Small size and low profile blends into existing décor
  • Replaceable lithium coin-cell battery
  • Crystal technology to extend battery life
  • Battery pull-tab design for quick and easy replacement
  • Retail Price : $29.99

Product Description

The Micro Door/Window Wireless Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows. With an extremely compact size and design, installation of the sensor will not detract from décor.
Compact enough to use on drawers, safes, cabinets or anything else that can be opened and closed.

Featuring crystal technology, the micro door/window sensor has an estimated battery life of 5-8 years. And because the Micro Door/Window Sensor is a “supervised device”, meaning every 64 minutes a battery and sensor status signal is sent to the control panel and will alert if battery power is low or unit is faulty.

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