Home automation equipment

SkyCover delivers the most complete comprehensive home monitoring systems available. Custom-designed with industry-leading, top-rated components, each package is configured to simplify the security and management of your home.

Save time and money by incorporating home automation modules in your home. From lights to doors and temperature, we’ve got you covered. View our home automation equipment products below:

  • lamp-appliance-module

    GE 45602

    The SkyCover Lighting Control Lamp Module provides wireless control of on/off and dim functions for standard incandescent table and floor lamps. The dimmer control to customize the lighting output and create the perfect ambiance for any room. The small, unobtrusive module plugs into a standard wall receptacle without blocking the second outlet or affecting furniture placement. With the SkyCover lighting control lamp module, you’ll never worry whether you left the lights on because you can turn them off remotely or program them to go on/off at specific times. Customize your lighting to match the occasion, whether ‘going to sleep’ or ‘watching movies’. Program lights to go on/off while away to create the illusion of someone being home to help deter would-be burglars. Retail Price $49.99
  • Smart-Light-Switch


    • Blue LED indicator helps you see the light switch in the dark
    • Simple Installation
    • Allows wireless control of CFL, LED, and incandescent lighting
    • Retail Price $79.99
  • Sky-Cover-Remote-Thermostat-2Gig-CT100



    • Ultra Slim Form Factor
    • Two Year Battery Life
    • 4 Stage Heat
    • Bright Touch Screen Display
    • Improved Z-Wave Range
    • Auto Mode
    • Retail Price $169.99
  • Yale-Smart-Door-Lock


    • Stand-alone Push Button Keypad Locking Device
    • High-tech Look & Feel
    • Easy to Use, Install, & Program
    • Add/Delete up to 250 individual users
    • One Year Battery Life with Low Battery Warning
    • Motorized Bolt In and Out
    • Retail Price $299.99